“Live and do everything with intent.”

A personal motto and philosophy of Joseph DiMaggio, Master Session Artist. From an early age, Joseph recognized his passion for artistic expression and the unique potential of the individual. Driven to succeed on his own terms, he pursued music as a professional touring drummer, and it was there, in cramped vans, on endless North American roads, he found his true, though unexpected, calling: Hair. Joseph began experimenting with original hair designs on his band members and tour mates. Interest was piqued, and rapidly word of mouth spread. Soon the sweaty crowds flocking to see him perform behind a drum set began to linger before and after the concerts, waiting for a chance to leave with one of Joseph’s signature cuts. He quickly realized where his true passions lie, that with clippers and shears, Joseph had the ability to make people, strangers, feel good about themselves. Swelled with enthusiasm and a newfound sense of purpose, he left the concert circuit to pursue formal training, and dedicated every moment to mastering his craft. He sought many mentors within the world of styling and cutting, including master hairstylist Odile Gilbert. Joseph realized that continuous education was key, and as a result, developed a love for sharing his experiences, his personal journey, his passion and systematic philosophy, motivated by his desire to push his fellow artists and the industry beyond preconceived expectations. To strive toward constant innovation by way of honesty, compassion, and unwavering determination; and to “do everything with intent.”

This belief led Joseph to begin teaching advanced cutting, styling, and education methods within salons, advanced academies, and events, domestically and internationally. In 2009, he became a Portfolio Artist for L’Oréal Professionnel, and after four exciting years, Joseph currently stands proudly as their Master Session Artist. Not one to rest on his laurels, Joseph recently embarked on the next leg of his journey, becoming Creative Director for ONE. Combining his fascination with technology and his passion for artistry, this new position provides Joseph with a vehicle to achieve his goal of developing the most advanced styling tools in the industry while bringing world-class education to ONE.

 Beyond industry education, Joseph has also become a growing presence and charismatic force in the fashion world as a published editorial and session hairstylist. He continues to work behind-the-scenes at New York Fashion Week, working with top designers in the fashion industry, creating the seasonal trends for runway, which also form the basis for the highly sought after education curriculum he offers. He also travels extensively worldwide to style hair on location for photo shoots and his editorial works continue to grow, being published in many high end fashion magazines and collaborating with some of the top photographers in the industry. 

Joseph DiMaggio, currently represented by prestigious artist agency Utopia NYC, resides in New York City, his hometown and the creative epicenter that has shaped his imagination and ambitious personality since birth. Though extremely accomplished for a man of his age, Joseph is determined to continue his artistic growth and make a genuine and lasting impact within the industry that has given him so much: a life that continues to challenge and bless him with indelible experiences beyond his dreams.